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  • Walk with God.

  • Bring the ways of Jesus.

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Join the community and get involved with other reformers in Kansas City
Gather with us at our next monthly gathering to find a network of peers and hear stories from others of how God is moving throughout the city.
Gain vision for your life and career and jumpstart your prayer life
Our books and resources will unlock your heart to encounter the Lord and give you vision for the vibrant work and devotional life you’ve always wanted.
Get inspired by our weekly interviews with reformers in all walks of life
These weekly video interviews are packed full of wisdom and will get you energized to bring God in and tackle what’s ahead of you. Watch, listen or read.


Transformational Leadership Course

This training program will teach you be a leader who brings the presence and ways of Jesus into your life. You will gain vision for transforming the marketplace, learn skills which will accelerate your career, and learn how to walk with Jesus throughout the day. Click below to start your journey. Additional modules coming soon.

Instructor: Robert Fraser, CFO of Aspen Funds and Chairman of Influent. Read about Robert’s experience as an entrepreneur and founder of a VC-backed, fastest growing company.

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