Driven to Be Agents of Change

Who is Influent?

Equipping men and women around the globe to influence society by walking with Jesus.

Influent is an organization designed to develop leaders who influence society on a global scale. We provide transformational resources in the form of educational books, videos and podcasts on topics such as business and walking out a practical Christian lifestyle.

This initiative springs from the center of our hearts and is driven by a desire to see men and women experiencing the fullness of God in the marketplace. We are passionate about equipping marketplace Christians to experience God while walking out their callings.

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Meet Robert Fraser

Robert Fraser is the Founder and President of Influent. Fraser is a two-time best-selling author and international conference speaker on both business and ministry topics. He founded a tech startup that raised $44 million in venture capital and became the area’s fastest growing company, winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award for business. Robert is now one of the founders and principals of investment group Aspen Funds.

With one foot planted firmly in both business and ministry, Fraser’s passion is launching people into their callings, helping to equip them to be successful in their practical and spiritual lives as they walk in the Lord’s presence and become agents of change in their workplaces and society.