ACTS Scripture Prayer Guide

The ACTS Devotional Prayer Model is a model of devotional prayer based on the tabernacle of Moses. When practiced regularly, this model brings the devotee consistently into a deep sense of the presence of God, where you can encounter Him and hear His voice.

The ACTS model is designed to be used in your set times of devotional prayer, although it is also very powerful when used together in a group. In fact, we encourage everyone, especially when developing a devotional prayer life, to pray together with others. A set prayer time with others is the surest way to be consistent at the beginning. And vocalizing prayer with others helps us stay focused and helps us develop a devotional vocabulary.

This guide is divided into four parts -designed to guide four equal parts of your prayer time: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.


Adoration is simply magnifying God (Psalm 34). The Bible says we enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Praise is the way into the “courts” of His presence. In this section, we push behind us all our needs, our desires, our feelings and simply give God worth love.

Confession and Proclamation

Confession is where we repent for anything we need to, and consecrate ourselves freshly to God. It is also the place where we “clothe ourselves with Christ,” putting on His nature. Proclamation is the place where we fight for the nature of God in our souls. Wherever God is challenging you to change He is also giving you grace to change; and in these areas we need to partner with what God is doing in our lives through proclaiming the truths He is speaking to our hearts.

Thanksgiving and Inquiry

In this place we fellowship with God and listen for His voice. Thanksgiving is the way we open the door of His personal voice to us. But it is not the type of thanksgiving you might be used to. This is a personal thanksgiving, for who He has been to you personally, how He has cared for you and shown His love to you personally. It it this deep, very personal thanksgiving that settles us into the place of personal friendship, and leads us to the place of hearing. The second part is inquiry, where you begin to ask God the questions in your heart and write down what you feel is His response, even if you are not sure.


Supplication is simply asking God from a personal perspective. Too often we come to God as beggars. But we are not beggars; we are greatly loved sons and daughters. We must ask from this foundation, the foundation of a personal, loving relationship.

“This prayer guide has transformed my daily walk with Christ in phenomenal ways. Its given me a greater understanding of who God is, and on what prayer and adoration is. It is a great tool to use to draw near to the heart of God on a daily basis.”

Amy K.

“This is an awesome tool to get intimate with God. The book provides scriptures that proclaims who God is and who we are to him. The way I pray changed from asking to declaring who God is!”

Andrew K.

“This is not the usual book about prayer. It doesn’t teach you about prayer; it helps you to pray. Few things are more effective than using Scripture in personal prayer. But many of us don’t know very well how to do that. Where do we find the appropriate Scripture passages within the Bible? Fraser’s book is, for the most part, a collection of Scriptures arranged by topics. Many of them have been adapted so that you can speak them directly to God (for example, “Lord, I trust in you,” instead of, “Trust in the Lord,” or, “Lord, you are my shepherd,” instead of, “The Lord is my shepherd”). I usually get stuck on one or two passages and “camp out” on them. It is also for this reason that Fraser suggests finding a group of like-minded believers who will want to pray regularly, using this guide. But even if you don’t, I believe you will find this book invaluable.”

Eva W.

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