Marketplace Christianity

Discovering the Kingdom Purpose of the Marketplace

Have you longed to do more for God in “real” ministry? Do you wonder how to fulfill your spiritual calling and lay up heavenly rewards, even though little of your time is devoted to church activities?

In this paradigm-shattering book, businessman and entrepreneur of the year Robert Fraser writes to the 97 percent of Christians not called to full-time vocational ministry but called by God to the marketplace. In practical everyday language, Fraser shares insights from his experience running a 250-employee software company which experienced sustained revival and business success during his tenure as CEO.

In Marketplace Christianity, Fraser lays out a plan for:

  • Redeeming the Marketplace
  • Building Anointed Businesses
  • Creating Spiritual Oases in the Workplace
  • Reclaiming our Inheritance in the Marketplace
  • The Ten Kingdom Things Business Does

Marketplace Christianity is full of second-to-none teaching for anyone whose calling and ministry are in the marketplace.

“Like others, I've read most of the books that fit the description of marketplace christianity or ministry in the marketplace. Without a doubt this is the best of all the books I've read on this topic. This one is written by someone who has actually done it, lived it, etc, and struggled w/ all the same thoughts and problems those of us face who are not employed by 501(c)3 corporations. The chapter which deals w/ money is the absolutely the best explanation I have ever read. It would make sense to any teenager and any employee. I highly recommend this book. It is my new give-away book to business friends, and my family is going to tackle it together, it's that important/beneficial to me.”

Douglas F.

“Bob has unlocked the Kingdom understanding of Christians in the Market place through his book. His testimonies and his own journey have encouraged my heart. It's refreshing and rare to find a great word of encouragement to the everyday business leader, while holding to a very biblical uncompromising love for Jesus. He combined encouragement, exhortation and comfort in his book. Word of warning: You will probably want to buy allot more and hand them out to your friends, . My friend and I ended up passing out over 100 copies of "Market Place Christianity" books to many of my business associates and friends at church. It's a very timely word for many in the market place today!”

Steve S.

“This is one of those must read books for modern christians. It addresses the problem christians have today on how do we serve God and still support ourselves in todays competitive marketplace while still feeling good about ourselves. All to often we feel the only way to serve our Lord is in the ministary; which this book shows us is incorrect. We can in most cases be of greater service to God by working in the economic marketplace and this book shows us how. You just gotta read it.”

Dennis P.

“I believe this book was given by God to loose the financial shackles off of the kingdom. It was exactly what I needed for this season of my life. It help me understand that my business is not only an extension of my "pulpit ministry" but can also be my primary platform to deliver the gospel. It also gave practical advise for building an anointed business. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND WE WILL BE PURCHASING ADDITIONAL COPIES TO SEED INTO THE LIVES OF OTHERS.”

Kenneth B.

“Felt like God really spoke to me through this book and the revelation has left me encouraged and empowered to change the world through business!”

Matt B.

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